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Meet Germaine, Southern Girl and Creator of Be the People.

For many years I've always wanted to build a diverse brand that would be welcoming to all without limitation and judgement. Our goal at Be The People is to become a force in various communities providing a voice and a platform. I have always been involved, whether it was volunteering locally or with projects in various neighborhoods I've lived in over the years. I have always been a strong believer in human rights, equality, women's rights, bullying issues our children face on a daily basis that many times lead to suicide. My goal is to become an advocate for the many issues we face daily. I will lend my heart and my hands to become a face of a business that can be counted on for you and your children. All apparel on our site has been designed by talented artists with a vision just like mine.
Creativity and Color, Be Bright, Be you, Be The People
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